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Originally Posted by Green_Manelishi View Post
I don't "bash science" you silly git.
Especially the part you depend on for your life and comfort. Those parts are all true. They're ok... but the rest... the rest is just craziness huh? Hypocrite.

I bash "scientific" theories which can neither be proven or falsified except with an equally unprovable and unfalsifiable "scientific" or mathematical formula.

Your "science" is a religion, nothing more or less. You too have your heretics (questioning your dogma) which will be excommunicated if they dare question the holy writ according to Darwin, Dawkins and Hitchens.

Branes, multiverses, strings, quantum singularities. A never ending parade of imaginations and theories. Meanwhile the Word of the Lord continues on forever, unchanging and reliable.
It's ok Hypocrite. I think you'll find most scientists are fine with you taking advantage of their advances while at the same time expelling garbage from your face hole about their current findings. As long as you don't get in their way I'm sure they don't care. Again, another difference between science and your mythology. You don't have to accept it in order to be a hypocrite and enjoy its fruits.
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