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Originally Posted by AKRover View Post
9x25 Dillon conversion was my first thought but thought there might be something I was missing.

Hot 10mm rounds are supersonic rounds and the 9x25 Dillon is advertised at 1600 fps out of a 6" barrel.
1600 FPS is a supersonic velocity by about 25 percent over, and it's at least as fast as any 10MM ammo on the market really goes. You can work up 9x25 loads that are faster than that, and even buy a few off the net. I know because I have a G20, a 9x25 barrel, and a chrono.

I used to shoot the .22 caliber Remington Accelerator ammo with plastic sabots out of my 30-06 back in the seventies, and I would not mess with doing it in a 10MM pistol when 9x25 barrels are available. Almost every .22 caliber varmint rifle I ever shot was more accurate than you could get shooting the same bullets with plastic sabots out of a .30 caliber barrel.

But remember that I'm talking here about thick sabots that accomplish large caliber changes. THIN plastic sabots designed to take the place of cloth patches in the bore of a muzzle loader are a totally different subject than Remington accelerators for the 30-06.
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