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Originally Posted by ABNAK View Post
Actually, according to Kahr's website the P45 has a 3.54" barrel. It is the PM45 that has a 3.24" barrel. That might make a difference, albeit only about 1/4 inch, but still.
You are correct the P45 has a 3.5" barrel and it was a typo on my part. I am not saying the 45 is not effective at shorter barrel lengths, but it has been my experience that you may have expansion diffculties below 4". I Chronographed the BB and Corbon 185 +p copper bullets and DT 160gr +p copper bulllet out of my 3.5" Kahr. BB was 1,036fps, Corbon was 954fps and the DT was 1,042fps. All expanded and seem to penetrate well. These are the bullets I would use with a barrel below 4".

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