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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
No, you don't get to pull the offended card. We can pick apart your mythology all we like.
Me offended? "You" have been attempting to pick it apart for many years. "You" try new tools, new theories, etc. yet each is an epic fail.

Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
You don't get to be offended about that by extension. If you don't like someone questioning and pointing out the blatant contradictions and holes in your mythology I would suggest not entering into a place where you might find such things. Your book is open for interpretation. If someone interprets in a way you don't like... tough luck.

The only hole is in your logic. What puzzles me is why a raging atheist would enter a RI room. Is it because you are not secure in your beliefs?

So are "your" theories open to examination and found to be lacking in anything other than the latest non-existent article of clothing for the emperor.

Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
We are not made from clay. We actually know this. Don't agree? Put a lump of clay in a pool along side a person and watch the magic happen.
Oh that's right; we are "star stuff or some such twaddle according to Carl Sagan.

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