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Originally Posted by Green_Manelishi View Post
Now you are being intellectually dishonest. Your previous input reveals the utter lack of respect you have for any of the adherents to the "goat herder religion". You are also proving your complete ignorance; Christ was not a goat herder.
No, you don't get to pull the offended card. We can pick apart your mythology all we like. You don't get to be offended about that by extension. If you don't like someone questioning and pointing out the blatant contradictions and holes in your mythology I would suggest not entering into a place where you might find such things. Your book is open for interpretation. If someone interprets in a way you don't like... tough luck.

Isn't the mud from where you sprang "just because"? At least I had the breath of spirit and life breathed into me. Regardless, we shall both return to dust. I will be living large and you will be weeping and gnashing your teeth.
We are not made from clay. We actually know this. Don't agree? Put a lump of clay in a pool along side a person and watch the magic happen.
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