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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
Actually, HP38 & W231 are the same powder, both spherical. Ball powders like AA#2 certainly meter better than any flake pwoder, but I have no issue getting 1/10gr accuracy using Unique. A lot of reloaders are just using certain powders for the wrong applications & that is what gives a powder like Unique a bad rap for being dirty. Still, some powders do leave more carbon or residue or unburnt powder behind. It doesn't have much to do with them being flake, stick or ball though.
Interesting, this not the first time I've heard HP-38 described as a spherical ball powder. There must be a loose definition of the term spherical. HP-38's individual particles are small flat disks. Where Accurate #2's individual particles are small spherical granules. So, I am confused as to how the two products can be called spherical powders. I am new to all this.
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