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Unique will work great for what I call light "lady & youth" loads in the 10mm, up to a tad bit more power then the .40, but you will need to use power pistol or blue dot or #9 or 800X for hot loads. Well I bought my lone wolf barrel a couple years ago and its fully supported- some people recently on here have said their new lone wolf barrels are NOT fully supported. I wrote lone wolf company an e-mail and they stated they still are all fully supported. I don't know what to make of that honestly. Whatever aftermarket barrel you get I highly recommend a 6 inch, it will add 100-150 FPS without having to resort to higher pressures and you dont notice it when target shooting. I just put my stock barrel back on in a miniute for CCW

Oh and Ill add I LOVE power pistol, thats the one id recommend for all round use in the 10

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