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Plated bullets are great. I use them almost exclusively for my plinking rounds in all handgun calibers.

For 10MM, I have loaded 180 Grain bullets with as little as 5.7 Grains of Unique and it functions all my 10's just fine. The slide tends to move sluggishly however.
Typically I load 6 grains of Unique under a 180 X-treme plated bullet. I get about 1000 FPS out of a Glock 20 with a steel guide rod and 22# spring. It feels like a light 9MM!

X-treme bullets states that their bullets can be pushed to 1200 FPS without issue. I have pushed them to 1400 FPS without coppering (is that even a word?) or leading.

Berry's markets a "double-struck" plated bullet rated to 1400.

I've used them both and can recommend them with confidence.

ETA: COAL is 1.250, primers are CCI #300 or Federal #150's.

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