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Well we are learning that simple elements like those that make up stars can be created from pure energy. With enough energy you can manufacture the building blocks of stars. And within stars other more complex elements can be created. So it's a bit of a chain reaction. The "stuff" didn't need to be there first. Just energy. As for where the energy comes from... I'm currently reading a book by Lawrence Krauss called "A Universe From Nothing". I'm trying to wrap my head around it but it seems they are close to understanding how particles can simply just appear from nothing. That "Nothing" is some how unstable and will always give rise to "Something"... I know it sounds crazy. I'm not gonna even try to explain it because as of yet... I don't understand it myself. But I'm learning.
Lawrence Krauss has a lot of stuff on youtube. I have generally leaned toward the cyclical model, because matter energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted, as far as I know, and it answers the question of where matter/energy came from with, it's always been. Lawrence Krauss has made me reconsider that.
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The constitution is not, nor was it meant to be absolutely literal.
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