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I have three favorite loadings for the 10mm with Rainier plated bullets. All of these loads are shot with my 6 inch lone wolf barrel, I always use winchester WLP primers, and I have tested these in starline, remington, and double tap brass and all 3 brass brands produce same velocity and results, oh and always 1.255 COAL......

• Light light plinking "lady and youth" load... 155 gr flat point, 7.3 grains Unique, clocks mid to high 1200's FPS, power level a hair more then a 40, very light kick.

• Warm load #1.... 155 flat point, 8 grains Unique, clocks low 1300 FPS, still light kick.

• Warm Load #2..... 180 flat point, 8 grains Power Pistol, clocks low 1200's. Recoil almost identical to shooting a full size Gov't 1911 with 230 gr hardball or any 230 gr non plus P loading. GREAT bowling pin blasting load.

• Hot Load #1..... 180 flat point, 8.5 gr Power Pistol. Clocks 1300 FPS. Nice fireball, stout kick, another great bowling pin blasting load.

• Hot Load #2...... 155 Flat point, 9.5 gr power pistol. Clocks 1500 FPS. Hot moma.

Expect 100-200 FPS less from stock length 4.6 inch barrel, perhaps 250 fps less from glock 29 barrel. Dont belive all the bad stuff people tell u about Rainiers cant be pushed fast. Mine work fine as long as you bell out the case mouth generously so plating wont be disturbed and use virtually no crimp, just enough to cartridges will chamber, no more no less

And one more thing- these are with Rainier plated, I have no experience with the Xpress brand, but I would assume velocities and pressures would be similar. From my experience the Rainier plated work fine pushed to these high velocities, but if you try my light loads first and work up u should be fine with the other brand plated u have

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