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Originally Posted by mac66 View Post
Reality check time...

In the 20th and 21st century to date, name one catastrophic event in this country that precipitated the kind of scenarios you guys are talking about?....(cricket sounds )

What on God's green earth makes you think that the US will suddenly go Barbarian?
Nobody is saying it will, however, three points.

1. Google Normalcy Bias. Your post is the very definition of it.

2. The barbarians are already here. They are always there within any civilization, supressed until there is a catastrophy that allows them to act with relative impunity. What do you think the criminal element is?

3. Even without a nationwide breakdown, individual areas of the U.S. may experience periods of disaster or unrest that cause local conditions where this type of threat exists. Off the top of my head, in the 20th Cen. we had the Great Depression and all sorts of riots. In the 21st we had Katrina and the current trend of flash mobs ransacking businesses and neighborhoods.

History is the ultimate "Reality Check." You were the one to invoke it, I hope you can learn from it. Disasters happen. Bad people and mobs act barbarous. Smart people prepare for that.

No society lasts forever or unscathed. What is magic about the 20th & 21st Century that makes you think civil war or other major disruption can't happen in the future? The vast majority of humanity has historically lived with the threat of displacement and barbarianism.

We have been fortunate (and I believe especially blessed) that in America this there has not been an existential threat on our soil for 250 years. The rest of the world, including advanced 1st world countries, have not been that blessed.
There are basically two kinds of people in this world. Those that believe in the Moon Landing and those that don't.

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