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Originally Posted by beatcop View Post
It could happen by accident. Some poor lady w/child is starving and you give them some food...a group stops them and shakes them down for the food and intel. "Yeah, the gray house with the long driveway", "..really, how many guys live there?".

Most people are not going to shoot down an unarmed person walking up to the house, let alone torture someone. They fear being held accountable for their actions, as well as being restrained by moral fiber.

We all start with a store some food and take a few precautions mentality here and then progress to concertina wire and sandbags because there's always a "what if" or an escalation of the scenario. People can't even survive a hurricane, but are going to use small unit tactics?
Thats my point. Those people stand out.

When people start asking questions or strangers start needing help, I start getting very quiet and become very alert.
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