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When the CCW passed in MN, I offered to finance my DIL's self defense gun and training (she needed protection).

My wife decided that if it were important to my daughter then she would go to training with her. they took an "introduction to handguns" course at the range and later, the the CCW course.

She told me she shot .22's 9mm, .40, .45 and .357 Sig on their intro course. I was very surprised and asked how she liked the .45. she said none were a problem but she liked the smaller calibers best, the guns were lighter and smaller. (she is 5'2" and in her 70's)

Then she watched the other children getting together and shooting .22's for family fun. She decided she wanted to be included in the fun.

Being a part of your family and/or friends fun, is a great motivator. I told her I would buy any gun or guns she wanted and she picked two (and she shoots them), a .32 cal Beretta Inox Tomcat and a S & W 642. Yes, she's old and small and shoots the airweight.

She does like the Tomcat because it has a tip-up barrel and makes it simpler for her to load and unload without working the slide. (and I spent some more money to "pimp" it up for her)

Family and peer pressure got her into guns.

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