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Originally Posted by quake View Post
Down toward Stuttgart probably..? I hunt, but never could get into duck hunting. (Or bird hunting or fishing - basically, I hunt mammals I guess.) But duck hunting seems the worst of all of them to me personally. Getting up before dawn? Sure, do it most days. But get up before dawn just to put on rubber pants and stand in cold water? Not for me at all.

I always tell people that you can't say "duck hunting" without saying "duh".

Again +1. One of my favorite lines in these discussions is that ALL shtf situations have one thing in common. Whether it's Katrina, an ice storm, the LA-King riots or even WW2, they have one common factor - they all ended at some point. That "some point" may be 72 hours or it may be 72 months; but it does eventually arrive. And when it arrives, we'll have to be ready to deal with the fallout of our actions taken in the interim. The authorities, our neighbors, and the man in the mirror all need to be able to believe that what we did during "that time" was right.

There are some who say that education is the most powerful thing in the world and some who say that love is the most powerful. Personally, I've come to believe that regret may be the most powerful thing, and I've already got enough of that in my life. I suspect that anyone with decent character likely has more of it than they want.

Would I do 'whatever' it took to protect my family? Sure. But that doesn't mean I have to look forward to it, or do it lightly.

On the "which approach" question (fight, flight, etc), the best way to not get hit imo is to not be a target, at least not any more than can be avoided - you never lose a fight that you don't get into. I may or may not get shot by the guy shooting in my direction, but I absolutely WON'T get shot by someone who's NOT shooting in my direction.

It's not practical or logical to think that we can guarantee we avoid all conflict - if it was, we could all sell our guns. But it's prudent & logical to do everything in our power to avoid as many as our conscience allows. If ethics, morality, or just lack of options, make a fight necessary, then by all means fight like a rabid dog on meth; but that's way down on my list as far as personal preferences.
Been to Stuttgart only once,but have hunted White River, various private land (made friends with a logger who hunted),and Bayou Meade (?). But I'm past those years,gotten lazy!....... DOC
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