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AK Stick said,

'While thats a fine plan and all on paper, its the execution of it that fails.

Are YOU going to torture someone? I mean, yeah we're on the internet, everyone is tough. But even with my multiple combat tours, and 10+ years in the .mil, while I can honestly say the concept of killing is not something I'm foreign to. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to torture someone. Unless they've pushed me far beyond my breaking point (ala law abiding citizen)

Even if you think you're bad enough to torture someone. I think when the time comes down to it, and that hot blood is on your hands, you might choose otherwise.

Secondly, think of your repercussions. (speaking hypothetically here) If you catch one or two of my raiders, saw we wounded a few of yours, and were pushed back, and then I hear you're torturing my guys, what do you think thats going to do to your outcome? Do you really think they're going to turn around and just leave you?

Do you have any idea how easy it would be to post a few guys, and send the rest of the group elsewhere and just keep you penned up till you either run out of food/water/supplies, or we've picked you off?

Are you honestly prepared to condem your wife/kids/family/friends to rape/mutilation/torture, because you tried to scare off some people? And on that note, think about how thats going to affect your relationship with the people in your area. Word will get out.. Most people take a dim view of torture, no matter which side you're on. The next time you have a disagreement with farmer brown down the street, he might just shoot you in the back, because he's afraid he's next."

17's reply,

I respect your opinion as a combat veteran, and I'm not saying that the scenerio I described is to be used as a first resort or something to be done for the sport of it but, I don't doubt that a gang of scavengers would do this and worse to someone's wife and children if they were taken. If we're talking about hypothetical situations and being prepared is the goal, I think it is best to consider as many situations as possible and not rule out ANY tool that someone can use in these situations. You asked if I could torture someone, well if that appeared to be the only tool I had left to keep my loved ones from being tortured, I believe I could.

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