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Lightweight, RELIABLE AR

My wife and I went shooting with some friends a while back.

She got her hands on a couple of ARs - and you know how it is... they look big, they look scary, but they're really a pleasure to shoot.

Now she wants one.

This is not a bad thing - it'll mean that I can get one, too.

I've only barely scratched the surface of the AR world, and am completely overwhelmed by the options available.

Those two will probably be all we buy over the next 10+ years, so they need to be all-around guns - home defense, bug-out, plinking, use any ammo available (reliability concerns, rifling concerns?)... We're not hunters, but in the event of an emergency, these would be our only long guns (other than a Ruger 10/22), so I'd want something with a flat top to put optics on.

OK, my wife has Fibromyalgia, and if I can reduce the weight of her AR without impacting reliability, it would be a very good thing; whenever she exerts herself more than normal, she pays for it later in pain and suffering - all too often to the point of being bedridden for a day or more.

While I LOVE the idea of building my own, I've done enough building of my own computers, bicycles, and furniture to know that I don't need another build-your-own project where, with a little ingenuity, a lot of research, and two-months' supply of Tylenol and Zantac, I can build my own item for just under twice the cost of buying it new.

So, with reliability as my #1 concern, weight being #2, and a lack of desire to build my own as #3, what would y'all recommend for an AR for her? I'm fine with an off-the shelf Colt or an exact duplicate of what she gets.
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