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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post

As far as warm blood and having the ability to carry out such a task...I may have misinterpreted you but are you saying combat/mil. experience is needed to do such a thing? I look at WWII and the butchers that Hitler employed. A few were of rank but I wonder how many had that front-line true combat experience??

I know I see people in agony and have that warm blood on my (gloved) hands pretty frequently. Doesn't really make me cringe or turn away...

No, I meant, even as someone who's been around combat quite a bit, and have much exposure to, torturing someone is still not something I'm prepared to do.

And I'm willing to be the majority of honest folk in the world, are not going to just throw themselves into.

While as an EMT you may see people in pain, you're not directly causing all that pain and suffering. Thats a pretty large emotional step.
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