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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
While thats a fine plan and all on paper, its the execution of it that fails.

Are YOU going to torture someone? I mean, yeah we're on the internet, everyone is tough. But even with my multiple combat tours, and 10+ years in the .mil, while I can honestly say the concept of killing is not something I'm foreign to. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to torture someone. Unless they've pushed me far beyond my breaking point (ala law abiding citizen)

Even if you think you're bad enough to torture someone. I think when the time comes down to it, and that hot blood is on your hands, you might choose otherwise.
I like the second point...and it is a good one for good guys. Some bad guys with zero loyalty, even though they preach it, might cut and least the ones I work with would. No one really tries to bust their friends/fellow-gang members out. No one even hangs around out front. And we are keeping them from their rap videos, drugs, and tacky clothing getups....that could be considered torture by some! But in all seriousness, I think your point is more valid for good guys with that emotional connection to their friends/family than thugs that have gathered together. Again, from what I've seen their loyalty only holds up until it impedes them in some way.

As far as warm blood and having the ability to carry out such a task...I may have misinterpreted you but are you saying combat/mil. experience is needed to do such a thing? I look at WWII and the butchers that Hitler employed. A few were of rank but I wonder how many had that front-line true combat experience??

I know I see people in agony and have that warm blood on my (gloved) hands pretty frequently. Doesn't really make me cringe or turn away...

Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
EMT, if your plan is to fight, its pretty simple. Plan to die.

The reason that "not to be there" is such a common answer, is because its the RIGHT answer.

As a single family group/unit even in a good numbered size, you simply can't hope to hold ground against a gang/.mil/.gov entity. They can pen you in, like Waco/Ruby Ridge/Every other hostage situation, and simply wait you out. It takes very, very few to hold you in, and they can resupply far easier than you.

In reality, if you're planning on slugging it out/holding your turf, you need not only a established, adequate supply chain, but you need a force of dedicated shooters. Because you need the guys fighting to be free from any/all other dutys to be out actively persuing/forcing engagements away from your turf, and a supply chain allowing them to return re-arm/re-equip, and leave again.
We prepare for every other possibility...why not this one?? Why get so excited to go belly up for such a situation and cling to the same defeatist perspective??

Would a safe escape route help (ex. tunnel, zip line, etc)?

You mentioned force what? I'm sure you're used to them on the military level but what about the civilian level?


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