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Originally Posted by Unistat View Post
Did you read my point #1? You need a group, no question. I call 8-15 a good start. I would really like to have a lot more that that.

I agree (as I said in my above post above,) trying to Lone Wolf it is a non-starter. Why are you busting my balls for agreeing with you?

To your other point, most urban gang members do not have "a modicum of common sense." I see them every day at work. The vast majority are as dumb as a box of rocks.

Dangerous, to be sure, but time and time again they fair poorly when they are out of their element and facing an armed opponent.

And what makes you think my wife doesn't know how to fight?

The Maginot Line was a failure of updating strategic and tactical thinking in the light of what was capable, offensively, with new technology. Thus, we take maneuver warfare for granted now and no modern army is comfortable defending a fixed position with no counter-strike force. Of course, the French didn't seem to learn that particular lesson (re: Dien-Bien-Phu.)

I think part of the necessity having a large enough group is in having the man power to counter attack. Medieval castles had sally-ports, for instance. By our nature, preppers are going to be tied to a location. Even an underground bunker will be given away in a long term Fall by it's cultivated crops. You need enough people to patrol and react to aggression.

My post was not specifically directed at you but in general, save that one point.

Anytime a person uses the term "fortified position" it makes me laugh because A.) 99% of people, including preppers, do not have or understand what a true fortified position is, and B.) Have no means, and C.) generally no idea at how to defend such a position, even if they were to acquire one.

But my point, and intention was not to call you out, and I'm sorry if you took it that way.
Thomas Paine:

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