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going to start reloading 40

I'm going to start loading .40 pretty soon (have dies and about 1200 cases, once fired collected from desert shooting) but had some questions before I start.

First, I would prefer to load either 180 or 155gr FMJ as that is readily abundant at my gun shop. which is generally preferred around here for shooting in glocks? A lot of the posts I have seen say go light. ***I am getting an M&P40C soon***

My current powder stash only consists of Titegroup and Unique. I've seen a few Unique references but when I test threw a load last week it looked like it didn't leave much room for the bullet, if any. Plus it's dirty as a mofo in my experience but haven't loaded any hot loads with it to compare. My concern with Titegroup though is would it add to the bulge problem on high end loads? If using Titegroup should I go with a lighter load to help make safety checks easier?

Any other powders to consider that could be used versatile? I saw a good number of people endorsing Power Pistol. The ultimate goal would be to use one powder for .38sp .40 and .45acp or at least 2 of them. Less inventory just makes life easier!

I won't open the can of worms about shooting lead in Glocks. But my friend prefers FMJ in his baby (XDm40 3.8) and with him splitting the cost of supplies buying jacketed it's an easier sell to shoot jacketed through everything. I know, bad reason but anything he pays for is worth it!

here's some prospect loads I've gathered lately;
155gr JSP
5.4-5.9gr Titegroup (Lee manual)

180gr FMJ
5.0-5.6gr Unique (forum listed)

180gr TMJ
4.2-4.7gr Titegroup (forum listed)

Thanks for any advice.
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