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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
Interesting point of view.

As far as tiger pits and such.....I once dug a 4-5' deep hole and burried a garbage can in it to make a french drain of sorts. Took me quite a while and LOTS of energy.

I'm not sure I'd do such a thing during/post SHTF.


You don't need a big pit. You just need to know where to put it. For instance, if you have a natural point of approach, narrow the path with "natural" items - move a fallen tree, or push a dead car to create choke points that don't LOOK like choke points. Once you know where you want it, put a 12" deep drop to barbed spikes dipped in something nasty. It disables 1 of the crew, and the psychological effect on the rest should make them more concerned about where they are putting their feet than what is further in front of them.

Obviously that was just one of several ideas, so that sort of trap may not be for everyone's specific defense strategy.

The point is, if we are talking about defense once civilization, law, and order have left the building, why should the defense strategies be limited to what is currently allowed by civilization, law, and order? If the roving gangs lose 1-5 members before they ever see you and before they even know which house is responsible for the traps, they'll probably end up looking elsewhere for an easier target.

Simply put, defense against superior numbers in that situation should include whatever it takes. I think that is the key component missing in the discussion, which is why it ends up as "you're dead" as the only answer. You're not dead if their resolve to even find you breaks before the fight starts. And if it starts, they'll sure get a screwed up idea of your numbers if a few shotgun shell traps go off around the perimiter.

ETA: Obviously this discussion involves a "What If" that takes place in the absence of a government and legal structure. I am in no way recommending that someone resort to illegal tactics in any form while there is even the slightest chance that the government will survive in this scenario.

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