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Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
It would be interesting to learn how many of the "rural" people on this forum are more than 100 miles from a population center of 100,000 and more than 10 miles from a national or state highway of 4 lanes or more total...
Not quite, we're ~70 miles from a population center of ~195,000 (Little Rock); more like 250,000 population if you count both little rock and north little rock together. Nearest 4-lane highway afaik is ~40 miles or so, with the exception of one stretch closer that's temporarily four lanes winding around a mountain for a ways.

Thirteen thousand people per square mile...? Oy. Our county has less than 50 people per square mile (); I used to live in Houston, but anymore I can't imagine 13,000 per square mile. But fact is, Arkansas as a whole only averages 56 per square mile state-wide, which includes the city population centers; so the rural areas are MUCH less densely populated.
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