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Originally Posted by Unistat View Post

4. In a real Fall, by the time they realize the Gov isn't going to truck food into the city, they will be thinned out and weakened.
As was pointed out in another thread - 3 days without food/water can limit a persons effectiveness when fighting.

Odds are they will start looting locally, and take some hits from urban folks protecting their stuff. Then they will likely start fighting with other gangs, and then with each other.

Although it could happen, I doubt that on day-one the gangs will load up the SUVs and start hitting the suburbs and rural areas. They will be in a "WTF?" mode for a few days just like everyone else.

The police won't disappear overnight. It will be a diminishing presence over 3-10 days as things grow out of control and the police decide to call in "sick" and stay home to protect their families. It may be even longer if the NG is called out to assist the police for a while.

By time the police and NG have disappeared, the people may have been without food for 4-7 days.
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