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Originally Posted by 17&27 View Post
I wonder what Homeboy would do if say, on the initial assault of the preppers compound, a couple of his buddies were wounded and recovered by the preppers.
I would imagine that listening to your buddies scream while being skinned alive and disected slowly over 3 or 4 days could be pretty demoralizing. Preppers dogs and pigs have to eat too.
If met with a superior force you may have to make them believe that you are more savage, cold blooded and sociopathic than they could ever hope to be. They have to believe the risk is not worth the reward.
I think the point he made in the video is that you will have to teach that lesson over and over again and all that time you will be loosing people and supplies.

I think he also made the point that he would send non threatening people to you to find out what resources you have. And, if I were a gang leader, I wouldn't send people I cared about on the front lines.
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