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Unless you've got a good network of people, and I'm talking 8-15 able bodied shooters, you're not really going to hold off much of anything. And by shooters, I don't mean your wife and kids who you gave a gun to in a pinch. I mean people who know how to fight a weapon.
There is a wide spread of people 8 - 15 and the size of what you are defending is important. You have to think in terms of shifts, area of coverage and reaction time.

If you just assume covering 4 directions/field of view with 8 people you would have to have 4 on and 4 off over 24 hours - maybe 2 - 12 hour shifts/day. And those on duty would have to have good communications with each other and the base. Not much of any other outside would would get done unless there were others at base.

My point is just throwing out a number of people does not say much about the situation.

Personally, I think going 'gray' gives those going alone the best chance.
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