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Everyone dies.

In a shtf, some will die better than others. Depending on the shtf type, many won't make it through the event anyways. It's a crap shoot. Buddy of mine who is well prepared, but lives in the real world, goes on two cruises a year. We both laugh about the odds that for all his training and gear etc, he will be on the beach in the Caribbean when it happens..

My wife is important to me in many many ways, including her membership in our local MAG, but she travels a LOT for work. It's highly possible she will be +1000km away or more when it happens. We have talked about what to do, but the variables are so huge, no way to make a real plan, just have a general plan, and improvise as needed.


BTW, if it comes down to roving gangs ala "The Road" or "Mad Max", only those with the "mindset" and "ability" to do the things "necessary" to survive.. will.

I do not believe I am one of those. I do not think I will throw away my morals or beliefs to survive, and if that means I don't "win" by someone elses definition, so be it. Can I defend whats mine? yes. Can I kill? yes. Will I go rogue to survive? No.

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