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Originally Posted by bdcochran View Post
1. Do you have a plan with your wife and child(ren) of what they do when they are away from the home when shtf?

I was widowed. I had my kid licensed as a ham radio operator. He kept his bugout pack locked in the principal's office. So, EMT what plan do you have for your child.
I warned my kid that if we had a riot when he was at school not to trust the school administrators and to do what seemed prudent. So when we had a riot in Los Angeles, he took off from school and had his plan.

2. If your "plan" is simply for everyone to run home no matter what, then you have no plan. 99% of your community will have the same plan - and the streets, school areas and freeways will be overwhelmed by people driving crazy.

3. You start with a simple plan. That puts you up the food chain and distinguishes you from the rest of the herd.

4. This is how you deal with the gang problem. I am 8 blocks from one gang and 1 mile from another. I have already figured out the routes of attack and defense. Have you done so for your neighborhood?

5. I liked the comment by one member that he was rural. My observations are: 1. there are highways and freeways to most rural areas (hint - the road from your front door to the city is also the road from the city to your front door). 2. Yep, there will always be people thinking that the locals will block the roads and that will stop people. No, it doesn't stop motorcyclists, flankers, and hungry people. 3. If the Soviets could isolate the Ukraine and kill 6,000,000 people by taking their food in the 1930s, it is a hell of a lot easier to take on and attack people with the use of cell phones, radios, off road vehicles, and motorcycles (hint - there are some gangs that are motorcycle gangs).

Oh, I will concede that being rural gives you a few days. I am urban with 13,000 souls to the square mile. No one else on the block has been in the military. The guy behind me was a Captain in the Korean Army in South Vietnam. Of course, he has been retired for a few years.
I see what you are saying about a plan but it seems like most of your plan deals with acknowledging the routes of escape and/or

What about staying hidden or attacking/defending?

Or is the plan still going to be to just "not be there" as is the common cop-out with most S&P threads that deal with gang/gov. forces?

Mind you I'm not being sarcastic or poking fun at you but that really is what most say. And sometimes you just can't avoid the fight or stay well hidden.

AK talked about a force multiplier. I think an AR vs. a lowly bolt .22lr MIGHT be an example. But for the average nuclear family, what would be others?


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