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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
Unless you have a good number of friends, equipped, and on hand, if a large group shows up to do any of that, your dead.

and thats why your repeated questions, always get answered the same. Because the answer hasn't changed.

Do you know why the maginot line fell?

Thats the exact same reason you can't win this scenario.

Unlike the stories/books I'm sure you read, based upon your posts. In real life, you simply don't go against 10-15-20 armed guys looking to cause bad will, and live unless you have a similarly sized group, or are equipped with some sort of force multipliers to even the odds.
I'm taking it that the first rule of prep-club is we DO talk about prep-club in order to prepare a plan with others on defending against a large group/gang during/post shtf...yes?

If that is the case, trusted family in other states wouldn't seem to be the most effective ones to have a plan with unless your plan is to get to each other's location, if possible, prior to the SHTF (ex. hurricane, blizzard, etc)

Instead it'd be to develop something with capable neighbors or co-workers as these are the same people that will be near when the balloon goes up, at least for me. I can't say I'm comfortable with either group but especially the ones at work that are not survival/prepper minded in the least!

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