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Originally Posted by SGT278ACR View Post
You guys have got some good wives there. I'm still trying to get my wife to go to the range with me. I wouldn't start her out with my Glocks, but have 2 nice .22's to break her in with, then once she reaches her comfort zone with them, I'd break her in on the G26, then eventually the G22.
I'm still trying to get mine to go shooting too. Unfortunately, it is going to take a little bit more work before I can get her there - I have known her for almost 24 years (been married 22 of those) and she hasn't wanted to go yet. I can't even get her to shoot airsoft or BBs in the backyard.

I have even offered to let her shoot me with the paintball gun, just to make it more fun (I thought for sure that she would take me up on that offer ).
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