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I almost forgot I ordered this.

I put in the order back in March and guess what finally came last Friday?

A brand new Blue Lable G29SF! Fire date was 8/21/12 and purchase date was 8/31/12!!

The 10 Ring

Here it is with my G20SF

The 10 Ring

It's also worth noting that my G20, G29, and G26 all have different finishes on the slide. The G20 (top) is the 'slick' finish that has been around for a while. The G26 (bottom) has the newer, almost 'bare metal' finish. The new G29 (middle) has a finish somewhere in between those two which I have not seen before.

The 10 Ring

Anyways - I went to the range with the new G29SF this weekend and put about 100 rounds through it. I shot a mix of two different hand loads featuring 180gr GDHP and 200gr XTPs loaded hot, but not too hot. I shot at 20 feet to get used to the pistol and let me tell you, this this is very accurate little SD pistol. Even with some potent hand loads, follow up shots were very accurate. I've been shooting the G20SF for two years so the recoil is not completely foreign to me.

Now I need to get a chronograph so I can start measuring the FPS difference between the barrel lengths - something I hope household managment supports
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