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Originally Posted by tcruse View Post
I think that you missed the point. The change to 9mm will increase the skill and effectiviness of the officers. .45 (GAP or ACP) is a fine round. .40SW is also a fine round. However, when the most prestigious law inforcement agency publishs how the ideal pistol round should perform and every ammo maker build rounds in 9, .40SW and .45 GAP/ACP that meet the standard then the size choice makes little/no difference.

Also, we can all agree that shot placement is the number one factor in stopping the BG. More practice, more rounds in the gun and lower re-coil is nothing but good news.

The argument would be different if the gun was used for protection from large wild animals or hunting. But, most localities to not have thoes problems that need to be solved with hand guns. Hand guns are not replacements for rifles or shotguns.
I didn't miss the point at all. My point is politicians tout saving money on efforts like this, yet waste tax dollars on BS expenses. That was my point. Prestigious law enforcement agency? Now try and tell me that anything with a title like that is not rife with subjective opinions and manufacturer "input".

Originally Posted by Deye76 View Post
"Also, we can all agree that shot placement is the number one factor in stopping the BG."

It was never stated in the article, that deputies had a problem with shot placement usig GAP. It's only about the money. Nearly every paragraph talks about dollars. The notion that one will practice more just because of a change in caliber is a joke. An officer who wants to maintain profiency will do so, no matter the caliber.
Deye76 makes my point.

A cop that wants to stay proficient will do so, regardless of the ammo. Those of you that perpetuate internet drivel about soaring costs of 45 GAP are uninformed. I consistently buy it for $18 a box, mostly from GT members. It is also cheaper to reload than 45 ACP (Small pistol primers)

Ultimately, pistol selection is much like shoe selection. You can tout shot placement (I do agree with you on that) penetration, caliber, velocity, whatever, at the end of the day, there is a good chance your shoe will not fit my foot and your pistol will not fit my needs.
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