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Originally Posted by shooter1234 View Post
At 2000 dollars, I could have bought 3-4 other typical handguns. I could have bought a KelTec .380 at 220 for deep summer carry, a Glock 26 or S&W M&P compact for around 425 for winter carry, and a used Glock 17 for around 400 for IDPA/home defense/SHTF combat gun, all for around HALF of ONE of your custom 13 pound 1911's.
Believe it or not, we've made the same decision. I just drew the line a bit higher. If it was truly a cost or value issue, you could get a trunk full of Lorcin, Raven and Hi-Points for the price of your 3-4 Glocks, but you didn't. Why not? They shoot. You set the bar at a certain level of quality and so did I.

Are the shoes you are wearing the cheapest shoes you could find? Do you drive the cheapest car you could find?

.45 auto isn't for everyone. 1911's aren't for everyone, let alone semi and full custom 1911's. Clearly, you don't like to carry one. I don't have an issue carrying a full size... even in the summer, and I've never owned a vest.

I still have a G30, but carry the 1911 because I like it. I've shot them for 20+ years. Because I like it I shoot it a lot. Because I shoot it a lot, I'm fairly good with one. Hell, in the mountains I carry a single action revolver for the same reasons. For me, they just point naturally. I don't even use the sights inside 20 yards or so, just look over the top of the gun. Can't do that with my Glock.

To each his own.
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