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.357 for Whitetail deer?

I have a love for Smith and Wesson Revolvers. I purchased a 7" .357 686 plus earlier this year with the intent to hunt White Tail deer in Ohio with it. .357 is the minimum caliber for handgun hunting in Ohio so I know people use it. The salesman at the LGS looked at me like I was an idiot when we started talking about it. He said it was not nearly powerful enough and that the shot would have to be perfect. (for the record, I am a pretty good shot, and I have passed on a few deer with my bow when I wasn't sure if I could make a clean kill).

So this got me worried that maybe I should have gone with a .44 mag, or (as said salesman suggested) the 460.

Any input would be great. I would have to skip gun season this year if I find it isn't good enough (I don't mind killing dear, but I dread hurting one and not killing it) due to not budgeting to buy the $1300 460 or $1200 44mag.

I look forward to hearing your responses.

Thank you,

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