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Congrats to the both of you on the purchase of a new and first pistol. I'm in the middle of breaking my wife into shooting. I am a federal LEO so I am armed every day plus I have various other guns in the house. I began by increasing her comfort level of just having guns in the same environment as her and that was by showing her how to make every gun in the house safe. From there she expressed an interest in learning how to shoot so we went from how to make a gun safe to making the gun ready to fire. I feel a need to put a safety note here and that is, we did this with dummy rounds. Our first two trips to the range she didn't want to shoot, she just wanted to get use to the noise and percussions put off by the different guns. Then to my surprise she asked on our third day on the range if she could shoot. She asked to shoot my sig 228 so I handed her a mag and told her to load and make ready. She cranked out five rounds, four of which hit the target backer, the fifth she anticipated the shot and it went low. Then she asked to shoot my G22 of which she only shot three rounds from.
Here are some things I've been doing. I'm showing her the basics but not changing her into a tactical gun fighter. I'm happy if she squeezes the trigger and she is happy hitting the target backer. I'm making sure to stay on her pace and not push her outside of her comfort zone. I've been researching women specific shooting courses that I think she will really enjoy. I have also found some neat videos of female shooters on which when I'm watching them, she is looking over my shoulder and discusses the tactics she sees the shooters using with me. I'm being patient with it.

Hope some of this helps. I will be following along to see other peoples way of doing this.


Thanks for the thoughts. Pacing is good way to put it. I've been trying to do the same. Just taking my time and familiarizing her with things.
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