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Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
Oh nuts... when I asked what Kool-Aid to drink everyone said blue 'cause Dillons are purrrfect and powder-throws are consistent and accurate.

...but a lot of people stay away from 320 - based more on price, than limited charge spread.
I think it may also be based on availability from the LGSs. They simply don't stock high $ powder. To even try VV powder you are practically forced to add it to a bulk order from somewhere like Powder Valley. And then there is that HazMat fee! You really can't buy just a pound to try it out.

So, I just ordered a pound of N540 for .308. Sierra calls it their accuracy load for the .308 175 gr BTHP. I'm in!

But I also bought 8# of IMR 4064, a pound of Varget, primers and some bullets. I need to spread that HazMat fee around.

I have been loading .45 ACP with 4.8 gr of 700-X since '82. I don't see any reason to change so I may never get to try VV powder in a pistol. But the most it could add to the cost of a reloaded round is about a penny. Two cents on the outside. When the bullet costs thirteen cents, who cares about another penny?

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