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Over-Charged Case

Originally Posted by pasky2112 View Post
I owe u an apology. I responded to your idea of spinning a fired case in my bbl by stating I'd never have even been able to fit one in the chamber in the first place. I was thinking case gage, not bbl. sorry :-(
So, I tried your suggestion. I CAN plop the fired cases in the chamber. They turn freely. It brings me back to my original thought that the cases looked normal. I believe an overcharge got by me, as a few have suggested.

Thanks a ton for all your input, everyone. I've learned a few things and I hope this thread is a cautionary tale for those looking to reach max loads and beyond.

- Dave

Initially, I had reservations about suggesting the potential of your powder drop randomly throwing an even higher charge than you had setup. I did not want to assume that you had not measured each and every case since you were in the initial stages of testing your recipe. I think it is probably common for reloaders to figure that, since it threw 20 accurate charges, why would it throw one higher or lower.

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