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Originally Posted by diamondd2 View Post
So, how did you guys make out? Did your G21's come back from Glock yet?

My gun is at Glock now, on it's second visit to Smyrna, GA. THis time, Glock foot the bill to ship it. I've sent several emails and made a couple phone calls and basically told them NOT to send it back until if was fixed.

Honestly, I'm torn how to proceed when I get it back. I expect it will come back spotlessly cleaned, and I'm thinking I might just sell it in that condition rather than run rounds through it.

I'm wanting to sell the dang thing because I am not as thrilled with the .45 ACP as I was before I shot it so much, as well as the 21 is just too big for my hands to comfortably shoot. I guess I'm too used to the 23/19 frame. I do plan on getting a 1911 at some point, but more just to have one versus needing a big bore. I really LOVE the .40 S&W round and my 23 shoots too good!

So, like I said in an earlier post, if anyone in Texas is looking for a G21 Gen 4 with 5 mags, TRU-GLO TFO's, + original accessories in the case, with less than 1K rounds through it, all for $600, send me a PM.
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