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It's not polite to make an old guy with broken bones laugh, or move around, or have to go potty, reach for the remote, reach for the scotch to wash down morphine, dilauded, vicodin, etc., have your shooting buddy call and say, "The State Black Powder Championship is this weekend, you gonna be well enough to shoot it?"... or even breath.

All of your posts are very entertaining to say the least and very much appreciated, except for those posted by Zombie... they are actual questions he has that he has no idea how to answer.

Slowly getting better, at least the pain no longer makes me scream when I move... Dawg was getting tired of the noise waking her up. Worthless mutt.

This little mishap shall heal as have all the other ones but I'm really starting to get tired of going through it. Good thing I was born looking like Tom Selleck 'cause I could be the poster boy for Murphy's Law.

Ya'll take care and don't blow up anything or anyone.

Life is a little bit tragic but mostly magic... Learn to deal with the tragic and CHERISH THE MAGIC

A PACIFIST is someone who won't raise their hands to defend themselves...
A COWARD is someone who won't raise their hands to defend someone else.
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