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Originally Posted by 10mmted View Post
I am inferring from your posts that you shoot HC lead through an OEM Glock barrel. I bought some Buffalo Bore 220 grain HC lead for black bear defence but was then told that these shold not be shot in an OEM glock barrel.

Can you please confirm or deny this for me?

Thank you
CanyonMan is offline for a while, but I can answer your question. Yes, he did/does shoot HC bullets through his OEM Glock barrel. I do too, a lot.

The general rule is, don't. The reason is a higher occurrence of leading, due to the design of the bore "rifling". If you do, spend some time watching your performance, and check the bore often for excessive leading. The "problem" isn't so much the lead, but the bullet diameter and the Glock bore. This is why some Glocks lead, and some don't. If you are going to shoot lead often, I suggest you slug your bore, and make sure the bullets you are shooting are of sufficient diameter. For traditional rifling, an oversize of .001" may be enough, while some Glock bores seem more happy with .002". The use of a gas check may help if it's on the smaller side. The BB round is a plain-base bullet, and they don't specify the actual bullet diameter, other than the .400" caliber. They advertise velocities for the Glock pistols and don't advise against it, so it's functional at least (not to mention it's popular with Glock shooters).

If you have the rounds already, either fire some test rounds to settle your concern, or return them and get a suitable jacketed round. If you have only 1 or 2 boxes, and actually get excessive leading, you can shoot up what you have before it becomes an issue. The "high round count" that can cause issues is a lot more than you'll be shooting at any one session, and certainly a LOT more than what you'll need to dispatch a bear. A typical session with mine is more than 200 rounds of lead bullets. I will have some leading at the end of the day, but it's minimal, and cleans up easy enough. If you're still apprehensive, return/sell your BB rounds, and buy a suitable jacketed round, such as Underwood's 200 gr. XTP, or 200 gr. TMJ (Speer) if you require a solid bullet.
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