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Originally Posted by JDSilva87 View Post
My other question that I've been tossing around is should my next gun be a pocket .380 like the LCP or a G19? The G19 doesn't do much that the 26 can't. So it's hard for me to justify dropping a lot of money on such a similar gun when I could use a niche for having a pocket pistols like when I'm just running outside to take out my garbage or walk my dogs or something like that I know I'm not going to switch pants, put on my IWB holster and then go out.
That my friend is a personal question you can answer. However, I have purchased my firearms looking to the future. Step one was getting 'X'; then my next step is getting 'Y', then I want this type of firearm.....all having different needs.

The next gun I am wanting to purchase is the G20 (10mm...should had it last year, but the sweet spouse found the stash and ruined that purchase ); then I want a 1911, not sure what one. However I'm constantly looking at bargains along the way.

IMHO, since you have the G26 and you think you still need a more concealable firearm, then you may want to consider a pocket type pistola. I did buy a Keltec P-32 for a more pocket gun.

So to answer your question, I can't, but I have given you my thoughts. Others will have a different approach; and that is ok. Everyone is different, so you need to think about what your carrying is and then go from there. If you need more concealing occasionally, then put it into play, but look down the road too.

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