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I had a 26 and got rid of it. The grip was too small for me to easily get out of IWB holsters. I did try the extended mag but it pinched my skin due to a gap, and just seemed to be a kludge. I have big hands and I was not liking the 2 finger hold for my primary gun. I traded it in for the 19 and I am much happier. The grip is an inch or so longer I can get all my fingers on it and it holds more rounds as well. I have tried the super tuck and it's a nice holster if you like the style. I just found it too long horizontally. I went to the N82 and I like it so well I use it for my other handguns as well.

I am adding a pocket pistol. I am not sure which one. I am looking at the XDs , LCP/LCR, Bursa and Kahr. I want a true pocket pistol. This is for the times I don't want to or cannot wear looser shirts, a jacket etc. I want to carry it in a pocket wallet.

I just don't think one gun is perfect....that is what I hoped to do with the 26. Now that I have carried awhile the 2 gun solution for myself will be best. It also gives me the option to carry both as a BUG. Sure you can carry a spare mag for the 26 if needed , but a BUG gives you another gun in the event of catastrophic failure. Also, the BUG can be given to a spouse or someone else if need be.

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