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Should I switch from G26 to G19 for CCW?

I recently went through the conceal license training course and applied for my conceal permit. The only gun I own is a Gen 4 G26. I got some training with it and I shoot it great.

I bought it for a CCW and a nightstand gun. I've been torn on getting a G19 since before I even bought this G26. I love how balanced and how well the G19 shoots. It just feels much more natural for me.

I'm haven't gotten my license in the mail yet and haven't ordered a holster or anything like that. I recently received an offer for a even trade for a 2nd Gen G19 police trade in with 7 mags FFL.

Do you think I should go for the trade? In general how much more difficult is it to conceal a G19 than a G26? I'm 5' 7" 155lbs. I'm really worried that the G19 will print on me and dont think I will have a problem with the G26.

I was thinking about just waiting for my license to come in and buy a G19 mag to see how much difference it would make.

BTW I'm looking at a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB. What are your opinions on that setup for either a G26 or a G19?

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