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My first H&K P30L 40 S&W

I picked up a new H&K P30L and a Glock 23 Gen 4 (both are 40's) this past Friday. Sunday afternoon I took both pistols to the range for the initial firing. I was shooting Winchester 180 gr FMJ target loads picked up from a local store. I was shooting at 25 yards. I would shoot 12 rounds through each gun. Look at the targets and rest. Mind you, I'm a rifle and musket shooter. The 23 would hit the target a heck of a lot more than the P30. Actually, I hardly hit the target with the P30. The 23 would place a min of 9 hits out of 12 shots on the target with a total of 12 out of 12 one time. It seemed that the 23 worked better right out of the box.
So my question(s) is/are, is the 180 gr loads okay or is 165gr loads they way to go? Is there a break in routine for the P30? I'm just a little confused on the initial performance of each firearm verses the price difference of the two. I'm looking for some help, guidance, direction. I really love the look and feel of the P30. I'm glad I purchased it. I will eventually get the P30 to shoot great. Thanks for any info!
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