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Originally Posted by glock_19guy1983 View Post
May want to edit your post so the whole article isnt copied.
Yes, please do.

Actually, the management prefers if you just include a link and paraphrase whatever you want to say in your own words. Copyright awareness has been a big topic on GT.

Now, back to the article:
Since the department goals was to cut training costs yet maintain a relatively soft shooting, controllable round, I wonder if it is a better idea to practice with a few range G17's and burn all the practice 9mm you want while keeping the G37's on duty?

Modern hollowpoint 9mm is "as good as" 45 cal ammo (also hollowpoint)? I do carry both so I don't feel inadequately armed. However, I'm not LEO and I much prefer 45 cal.

Notice that 45ACP was not considered for the very same reason 45GAP was replaced. Cost per round.
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