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Originally Posted by SBray View Post

I just want to confirm that the Dillion Crimp Die is a taper die, correct?
Yes although I got along for a long time with an RCBS taper crimp die.


Since I got back into reloading handgun ammo, I have been using plated bullets and have come to the conclusion that I am never going to buy them again because it takes very little effort to over crimp them. Also, I just don't think there is any real saving in them over jacketed bullets.
I tried them and have decided that if I need a jacketed bullet, I might as well use a real jacketed bullet. By edict, my grandson shoots ONLY jacketed bullets but I load lead for myself. So, I buy bullets from Percision Delta. They're not a lot more than plated and my loading manuals have data. I like printed data.

In an effort to avoid over crimping, I just adjust the die down until I feel it touch the case and then turn the die down in about 1/8 of a turn and put the round in a case gauge, (to repeat this process) until it goes in without hanging up.

To double check, I take the round apart and check the bullet for crimp rings or scratches that would suggest it had been over crimped.
Sounds right! I usually use a pair of dial calipers to ensure that the casemouth diamter seems reasonable and then I check a sample of rounds in a case gauge and, sometimes, in a barrel. I just like to check the results.

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