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Originally Posted by F106 Fan View Post
The best way to close up the case mouth on straight wall cartridges is with a taper crimp die. The Lee FCD is not highly regarded around here when it is applied to pistol cartridges. The rifle version is somewhat more useful.

If your sizing die is adjusted properly, there is nothing for the body of the Lee FCD to do and whatever crimp it may apply is not necessary.

Just close up the case mouth and don't dent the bullet in any way.

The Lee FCD is a Taper Crimp, no?

Regarding the Crimp possibility...
I set up my crimp die to just take the flare out. When i first set it up, I pull the first few rounds after I get the flare out to make sure I, to the best of my knowledge, do not over crimp....e.g. >1-2 whacks, the ring dent I believe u are referring to and gouges or excess 'scratching'. When I started loading for 10mm, I backed my crimp die way off so that it wasn't doing anything. Then I gradually tightened it down until I could 'feel' it. I'd measure the case mouth dia. Repeat process until it measured .422-.423" and fit freely in my case gage. IMO, the Lee 'turn one...' generic instructions seemed...well...generic. I prefer things more precise.

To clear up the 'bulge', 'guppy', 'glocked brass' thing. Best I can put it is I see cases 'misshapen'??... near the base on one side vs. the other whenever I shoot out of my glock stk bbls...reloads AND factory, 10mm .40 .45 (as seen in the pic I posted).

BTW, the left one (#1) is the factory Hdy 155 JHP case I fired post-KB. It's primer doesn't look much diff than the other 2 intact cases, IMO. I realize the pic doesn't show the case head too well but that was kind of the point of the exercise. ;-)

Anyway, I don't see the "misshapen" cases in my AM bbls. I DO in stk Glock bbls. This, in my limited experience, is what I consider 'usual bulging' and what I meant in my orig post.

So, How else would one objectively measure an over crimped rnd? Why would I NOT crimp?? as someone suggested? The only rnds I don't crimp are my single-fire rifle rnds.

Thanks again,

- Dave
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