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Originally Posted by The Retired Sarge View Post
If I see a P2000 in 357 I will let you know. Since looking I have not seen one for sale-isn't that the way it always goes-lol. I am a long time SIG and Glock shooter and I bought my first HK last December-a P30 9mm. I am very impressed with that pistol as to ergonomics, light weight, slim, and shoots great. The P2000 is similar to me but I prefer the P30 and might just settle on it in 40cal for carry. The SIGPro is a great pistol that is being sold now at great prices. I own one but it feels "clunky" compared to the SIG classic pistols or an HK. I especially dislike the SIGPro's overly large mag bases. Given the choice I would readily carry a SIG 229 than the Pro. Bill
I too wanted a P30 in 357.
Since there's no such animal I settled for the 40.
Now that I've got it, I'm not so sure that was settling at all - LOL!
Three boxes of Winchester Ranger T-Series 165 gr 40 arrive in three days.

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