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Hey there. Just bought your book and I am about to dive in. I'm an avid reader and I love writing. I write about 30 minutes to an hour everyday (my quota is minimum 3 pages when writing the manuscript and 45 minutes of writing when brainstorming/plotting/world building/character developing). I read another hour just before bed.

I worked for a college newspaper as a reporter, and then later worked part time as a reporter for a larger area newspaper. I've had 3 short stories published in addition to my articles.

I don't know if I will ever publish a long work of fiction (which is my dream) but I do know that I love writing all on its own and I will never stop!!!

First let me say congratulations on getting this written and published! That's no small feat. It looks excellent and I can't wait, just thought I'd respond to this thread quick.

Second, all I have to say is that seeing you posting your book on this forum has brightened my day.

I will post feedback as I progress through your book!
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