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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Let me clear this up.

Like many aspects of carrying for self defense, the issue of "printing" must be viewed on a sliding scale using the effects of differing state laws, differing local customs, and last, the carrier's knowledge and understanding of these laws and customs.

What is good and acceptable in one state, one jurisdiction, may not be so in others. The observation skill of the "reasonable person" also comes into play as that too differs from person to person.

How much of the grip printing is enough to identify the object as a firearm? That again depends on the observation skills of the "reasonable person".

The person carrying should know the law and local customs very, very well before testing another person's theory about what degree of "printing" is acceptable.

As I've said before, what is good and right for one person may be deadly wrong for another.

Everyone, make your, your choices wisely...

I would implore anyone reading stuff like these discussions to not take anything they've read here and treat it with value. Read, know, memorize, and be able to cite the local laws in your jurisdiction before walking out of the house with a gun - and do the same before traveling to a different jurisdiction. Ignorance of the law or "I read it on Glock Talk" won't save you when you have silver bracelets placed on you.
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