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Originally Posted by bruzer View Post
So can I wear my Spandex in Texas or not!!! If I can't then I'm going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe before I visit.

w much research did you do before posting, "It seems printing would be okay in Texas," a little, none?
I read the law...then I posted it with my claim.

I have "been around" for a while now, in it's always been my understanding that printing is when your gun is poking your clothing out of it's natural place in one way or another. If printing was straight up showing the gun's exact outline then it wouldn't be an issue because NO ONE WHO IS SANE goes out in a spandex suit with a glock underneath. Printing would never be discussed on gun forums if this was the case.

Printing, carrying a firearm in such a way that it is clearly identifiable to the casual observer, means the firearm is not "concealed".
I don't think you actually read my posts. To clear this up I used spandex as an example. Carrying under spandex would be clearly identifiable to the casual observer -not okay!
The butt of your gun poking your polo cotton shirt is not clearly identifiable, but it is printing.
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